BNance Featured in SC Now

Oct 26 , 2018

BNance Admin

BNance Featured in SC Now

Danielle Blaker Nance really loves to shop.

As the 27-year-old co-proprietor of B. Nance Fine Gifts, she has found her niche.

“There’s really not much more to it,” she said. “What led to this – I’ve always had an appreciation for high quality vs. quantity.”

Her mother, Jill Blaker, recalls taking her shopping as a youngster and staying eight hours in one store, “and maybe leaving with one thing.”

Nance appreciates the tactile aspect of selecting wares and focuses on the “analytical part of shopping,” she said. Some people are inspired by music or art, she points out, but she happens to possess a photographic memory for details of lines of merchandise and can easily remember clothing items worn to events from years past and from which store it was purchased.

“But I can’t remember what I had for breakfast,” she said, laughing.

Her mother praises her instincts and work ethic.

“She’s been amazing through the whole process,” Blaker said. “For me, it’s like learning something new. For her, it’s second nature.”

The process she refers to has been a multi-faceted and time consuming project in opening a new upscale gift boutique, involving research, buying trips to Atlanta and Las Vegas and many hours spent organizing and preparing.

B. Nance Fine Gifts opened July 13 on Hoffmeyer Road, and Blaker marveled at watching her daughter work hard as her passion for retail shines bright.

“It’s not just owning a store, it’s owning a business,” Blaker said. “And this gets in your blood.”


“When we first came, we thought it would be a stepping stone, but it didn’t take long to fall in love with the area and McLeod and we’ve been here ever since,” Blaker said. “Now it’s home."

Blaker spent much of her career in the medical field, working as registered nurse, mostly in the emergency room. Her daughter earned a degree in retail management and marketing from USC in Columbia with an internship in New York City learning about the world of corporate fashion.